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Hello, world!

👋 Hustlers,

After spending 30+ years combined in the industry and working for multiple startups in different roles, Vishwesh and Akshay decided to come together and start Sifar Ventures. Why are we calling it Sifar? Read it here Why together? We understand and complement each other very well, and we value our friendship a lot. We bring in a unique blend of technology, product, and people’s perspective while working together. We are also a people magnet. We aim to bring in the best of the people together under the Sifar Ventures umbrella to help founders in their journey.

Meet Akshay and Vishwesh.

At Sifar Ventures, we are on a mission to help startup founders, hustlers, from day 0 (Sifar). We want to become part of their journey right from discovery, validation, technology choices, building initial MVP, raising funds, hiring the right people to help them find the right product-market fit, and scaling further. We would get involved at every stage with the founders, stay hands-on, and if we cannot do it ourselves, we will make the right connections to enable founders to find the answers. At Sifar Ventures, our goal is to practice thematic early-stage investing with a focus on solving global problems and providing highly active, hands-on support to founders. We have been investing in startups in an individual capacity and via various syndicates on And now, we are setting on a journey to build our team of like-minded investors. We are not just focusing on the “deal-flow” but concentrating on the domain, problem, technology, and, most notably, people/founders. So we would like to invest in what we understand and believe in: SaaS, fintech, edtech, deeptech, consumer tech, e-commerce, m-commerce, fitness, electric vehicles, etc. We are okay to miss out on some significant opportunities in sectors which we are not experts in like FMCG, crypto, etc.

Our goal is to add “value” beyond investment. Value for us means Empathy to understand founders and listen to them and be present for them. Value for us means to help founders fill the knowledge gaps. Value for us means making those right connections. Value for us means building trust, and trust means quality delivered consistently. Here is a peak in our current portfolio - Vishwesh on AngelList, Akshay on AngelList In our career and life, we have always invested in people more than products. We are what we are because of the people who trusted us, worked with us, and invested in us. Our inspiration is true hands-on industry leaders like Satish Dharmaraj (Partner at Redpoint Ventures), Kevin Henrikson (Founder Acompli), Vaibhav Domkundwar (CEO Better, India-focused Seed VC), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (CEO & Foundr of PayTM and One97 Mobility Fund), Vaibhav Arya (CEO of Media.Net) who trusted us, and helped us gain some fantastic experience in our career and life.

We are merely passing it on, becoming enablers for future founders. We are here to build relationships that last far beyond investment. As lead investors of Sifar Ventures, we promise to always work from the realm of trust and integrity.

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