We don’t make investments, We make commitments.

At Sifar Ventures we are investing in long term value creation, and stand with the founders in thick and thins to make it a reality. We strive to be a partner more than investors in the journey of founders from Day 0.

Value > Vision

We believe in creating value. Value creation is very important early on and we help founders find their framework for value creation. In this journey we partner with founders to figure out what is the right long term vision.

Execution > Ideating

Execution is hard. All founders start with great idea but to make it a successful business you need to get good at execution. We partner with founders in helping them in every step of execution. We have team with right technical skills, experience and connections to help accelerate execution. We help founders with hiring, interview practices, onboarding new people, technical queries, fund raising, distribution, etc.

Speed > Accuracy

We know in the begining what matters is speed at which startups can iterate. We become pacers for founders. Make sure they maintain their pace of interation, learning and experimenting

People > Process

We know in early days getting right People is very important. Do not enforce processes on people, let people figure out optimum processes for themselves. As startups start hiring they wonder what processes they should follow. We enable founders and early team to come up with successful processes which work best for them in their current phase.

Culture > Strategy

Culture matters! Period. Strategy is important but requires a strong culture for alignment. Strong culture gives ability to execute sustainable strategies. We have worked with companies with best of the cultures, and we help startups set the right values from day 0.

What we look in founders?

Five C’s we look in our partner founders:

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