πŸ–– Our first Investment - Peerlist

Your most meaningful professional network

There are a few problems that we would love to solve right now, and one of those is Professional Networking. LinkedIn is good but is not relevant to the changing dynamics of working anymore. We need a professional network that caters to each individual differently, be it a programmer, designer, or salesperson.

The second is the Social aspect of the Professional Network. Is it necessary? And how useful is it? Whatever may be the answers to these questions, what LinkedIn has become today is not the solution. We need to look at social apsect in relevance to Professional Networking.

The third and very critical aspect of Professional networks is meaningful connections. By this, what we mean is reaching and connecting to mutually beneficial people. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is right now. One can reimagine the whole ecosystem for better, faster, and efficient ways of professionally connecting to the potential Peers.

We came across Peerlist via a tweet from a user. We quickly got in touch with Akash and Yogini. To our luck, both are also in Pune. When we spoke to them, we understood the zeal with which they were building this product. After looking at the roadmap, we realized that this significantly align on the problems of the current solutions and probable solutions. We believe that Peerlist could be one of the ways of imagining how future Professional Networks should be. And Akash and Yogini, the company’s co-founders, have the right skills and approach to solving this problem.

Peerlist is launching the platform soon, but till then, please register for the private beta now πŸ™‚.